A Walking Virtue was created by model turned photographer, Latoya Hawthorne. Latoya was teased while growing up. She always dreamed big but surrounded herself with folks that looked down on her dreams. Latoya endured years of physical and emotional pain while she lived in New York. She was in a relationship with a partner that abused her for four years. She escaped and moved to Los Angeles, CA for a chance to restart. Little did she know her trauma would follow her to Los Angeles. This trauma turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Latoya continued to press through all of her challenges and pursued her dreams to become a model. She then pursued photography because she enjoyed the mystery of the storytelling behind the lens. Latoya decided to start A Walking Virtue in 2011. She started off by volunteering at schools with at-risk youth. She spoke on the importance of having great relationships to have a healthy lifestyle. Latoya was then surrounded by many creative women at an amazing organization that she volunteered at.

She was inspired by their stories and their dreams and decided to provide photography services and branding for these women. These women simply lost touch with their social network because of domestic violence, trauma, mental illness, or the loss of a job or a loved one.  Latoya’s goal is to reconnect these women and share their stories of triumph.

The mission of A Walking Virtue is to empower women and girls to live their dreams and accomplish their goals. A Walking Virtue provides branding collateral for women-owned small businesses. The agency’s goal is to connect brands with their audience through meaningful content, creating social impact.


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